transfer files from drive c to f

  superspark 17:01 28 Jun 2005

Can anyone please help? I have some files on the c drive that I want to tranfer to f drive as c is 40gb and f is 160gb. If I click on the folder with the files in, it shows location as c but if I explore my computer from the start menu, they are under f drive. I know they show up in c drive properties because if I add another file to the folder it increases the size of c. The simple question is how to transfer from c to f.
Thanks very much.

  Pooke 17:15 28 Jun 2005

Copy them to F and delete them on the C drive!

I'm not sure what you are doing? what kind of files is it, you can't move programs or the OS like that.

  superspark 17:23 28 Jun 2005

I don't know how to copy them though.

  Pooke 17:34 28 Jun 2005

You can drag them over click on the file once and move it to the f drive.

Or right click on the the file choose "cut" then open the f drive (double click it), right click on an empty space in the menu that appears choose paste.

To move a few files at a time, click and hold the mouse button in drag the box that appears over the files. You should see all the files highlighted now right click on one of them and choose "cut". Now open the f drive right click on an empty space, right click and choose "paste".

That's the easiest ways of moving files. If you do it with games and programs they may not work.

  superspark 17:39 28 Jun 2005

I will try your suggestion but how do you open f drive. I know it's probably simple but how?

  Pooke 17:50 28 Jun 2005

On the desktop, double click "my computer" you will see a window open. You should see your documents folders and your various drives, double click the drive icon that has f on it.

Or click start on the taskbar go to the "run" option and type f: then click ok. That will also open the f drive.

  sinbad1 17:56 28 Jun 2005

if you are using xp click start rht click my document select properties and change target to f

this will transfere all your doc's to f, when u want to veiw just click start my doc's

  Pidder 17:57 28 Jun 2005

Would suggest using "copy" rather than "cut" until your sure of the transfer, then delete from C drive.

  superspark 18:20 28 Jun 2005

All sorted now... thanks very very much for everyone's help.

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