Transfer files from disk C to D

  bogs 13:54 07 Oct 2004

My local disk C is just about full while local D is empty. How do I tranfer files from C to D or failing that start using them both in combination?

  john-232317 14:00 07 Oct 2004

Right click file, send to option, should list other HD, left click.

  john-232317 14:03 07 Oct 2004

When installing programs etc change C to D in the address, then they will be installed on D drive.

  woodchip 14:22 07 Oct 2004

You can move files by just right click on files and drag. But this will NOT WORK FOR PROGRAMS. i.e there are registry file's pointing to program also files all over the C:\ drive for programs, not just the Program Folder to think about. If you need to move them it will entail removing from Add Remove and Reload or you can try Software That will move and reconfigure the Programs. However, this does not always work.

  TomJerry 14:36 07 Oct 2004

(1) If CD are just different partitions on the same disk, you just need to re-allocate disk space by resize C & D, you can use program such as Partition Magic (£20 from Amazon click here, £0 from a friend if you are naughty) or Partition Manager $49.99 click here.

(2) C & D are two completely different disks. Uninstall some software packages, remove any junk files, reinstall software, Select Custom install and change the installation directory to a directory on D.

  bogs 09:26 08 Oct 2004

Many thanks to those who sent solutions.

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