Transfer of files

  david-233692 16:36 20 Jun 2003

Is it difficult to transfer everything from one computer to another. Is a lap-link an option? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Tim1964 17:43 20 Jun 2003

Are you transfering between two desktops or 2 laptops or one of each?

  Tim1964 23:11 20 Jun 2003

One method is to remove the Hard drive from the pc you want to copy from (2 cables 4 screws) and install it in the other pc (set the jumpers to slave first) and then just copy it across.

If both Pcs have network cards then set up a network between the two machines.

What Operating systems are on the machines?

  woodchip 23:27 20 Jun 2003

If you have USB on both computers you need a Bridging controller click here

  Tim1964 23:40 20 Jun 2003

woodchip, How much approx and is it neccessary to install software first or will both machines 'see' the other automatically?

  woodchip 23:48 20 Jun 2003

About £20 at a computer fair you get software and load it on both computers before you plug the cable in, it then asks for the driver cd so you ether leave it in, or put it back in when it asks for it

  woodchip 23:50 20 Jun 2003

PS it puts an icon on the desktop you just double click on both and of you go, it's like Win Explorer just drag and drop but with left key

  Tim1964 16:49 23 Jun 2003

Have you managed to copy the files you needed?

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