Transfer Excel from old desktop to new Laptop

  filip 12:25 27 Apr 2003

I've got Microsoft Excel and Word installed on my old desktop. I now have a new laptop. I no longer have the installation CD. Can I transfer the programs to new PC?? Thanks.

  MAJ 12:27 27 Apr 2003

No, you need to install Excel again.

  MAJ 12:28 27 Apr 2003

And Word also. (missed that one)

  filip 12:33 27 Apr 2003

Why do I have to pay for a new install CD?? Is it not possible to link the two PC's and transfer the files??? Surely that must be possible, in this advanced age of computing?

  MAJ 12:38 27 Apr 2003

I'm afraid not, filip, you could "Ghost" the drive and move **everything** over, but that's the only way. It stops pirating.

  filip 12:46 27 Apr 2003

I don't want to add to Bill gates's bank balance, if not completely necessary. Surely I can just ask someone else for the install CD. Or I could give this ghosting a try?? If i knew what it meant. Or, how about copying the whole of the old pc's hard disk ( 4Gb ) to the laptop ( 20 Gb ).??????

  MAJ 12:53 27 Apr 2003

No you can't legally use someone else's CD. Yes you can move all the stuff on the old drive to the new drive, that's called "Ghosting" or "Cloning".

  filip 12:55 27 Apr 2003

OK, Cloning it will be. How do i go about it?

  MAJ 12:59 27 Apr 2003

You need an application like Norton's "Ghost" or Drive Image's "Drive Image" to enable you to do it, filip. Your new drive's manufacturer will probably have a free application to do it on their website, take a look and see, it should also give you full instructions, but if you're having problems post back.

  hellred 13:17 27 Apr 2003

Are both PC's on the same OS ?? If not you wont be able to do that either.

Why have you no longer got the CD ???

During the install many other operations are performed to associate the programs with all functions available on your PC.

So, sad as it is forget it !!!

  filip 13:24 27 Apr 2003

I'm not going to muck around with this.

I don't have the CD anymore because i'm very untidy.


PS. I will get a install CD from someone. As i have paid for the software already, i do not consider it stealing or Pirating. I'm sure Bill would agree.

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