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transfer emails to safe folder?

  Diemmess 11:38 23 Aug 2014

I do not store my email anywhere separated from their IE and BT background.

I would prefer to have a folder or more where I can save with minimum fuss and no involvement with a third party.

Outlook Express looks to be the obvious way, though it is more than a couple of keystrokes and really doesn't attract me.

Is there a miracle freebie out there that will store and restore much later if needed?

  lotvic 12:12 23 Aug 2014

Sounds as if you only use Webmail.

If you want to store and read emails on your pc's harddrive you will have to use an email client (program).

Outlook Express is an email client on XP op sys

You need an email program to open the emails, Thunderbird is another email program that you could use and there are other programs.

  Jollyjohn 13:27 23 Aug 2014

I would recommend Thunderbird. Once running Right click on the message, select "save as" from the list and store it in whatever folder you want - by default it will be saved in My Documents.

The message will be saved with a .eml extension - an eMail message and can be opened by any eMail client you may use in the future.

I have eMails that are 12 years old still stored for reference, probably saved under W3.1 but I can still openit on my Linux PC.

  john bunyan 14:21 23 Aug 2014

I use Outlook 2007. My Outlook folder is in my data partition as My Documents / My Outlook (moved from C: drive). I have a second drive in my desktop in a slide, and more or less daily I make a mirror image of all my data by using Freefilesynch so that backs up the e mail as well as music, documents, photos - etc.

  Diemmess 16:15 24 Aug 2014

Thanks to all of you and Jollyjohn in particular Yes, this PC goes back about 6 years running XP with SP3 even though Microsoft were still trying to sell Vista. I have Outlook 2007 but have not installed it

I had a brief look at Thunderbird and it looks like something I could understand.

Am I right in thinking I need Thunderbird to convert the email to a .eml and save that in a suitable folder of my choice? Where does Outlook2007 come into the fun?

  Jollyjohn 17:35 24 Aug 2014

Outlook 2007 is part of the MS Office suite and is a bit over the top for personal eMail with only one or two eMail addresses to check.

All eMail clients will save messages with .eml extension.

eMail clients include - Windows live mail, the replacement for Outlook express - Mozilla Thunderbird - ClawsMail - and for a bit of fun - Incredimail, just be careful of the other junk Incredimail wants to install.

  lotvic 18:46 24 Aug 2014

Even though I have Outlook 2007, I don't use it as I prefer the simpler to use Thunderbird.

  Diemmess 09:43 25 Aug 2014

Thanks some more, I'm glad I don't need Outlook

Mozilla has been mentioned, but I use Google Chrome. I could take the plunge with Chrome? Anyone confirm this route, or do I have to play with Firefox instead of Chrome?

Apologies for slow response. This week is proving a tad busy with all sorts of domestic needs to be dealt with. Some time soon I will go hands-on. I am grateful for everyone's patience

  iscanut 09:53 25 Aug 2014

If you use an email client such as Thunderbird, it won't matter which Internet browser you use. A lot of us use both Chrome and Firefox, it will be down to your preference. If you use Chrome you can still backup your Thunderbird data with here I use it and it is fine.

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