Transfer of e-mails.........How?

  Drum 16:29 17 Nov 2004

I have two PC’s. My old one is running W98se, and the new one WXP.
I want to transfer my Outlook Express folders from old to new, and am experiencing some problems with the file transport wizard in XP via a serial cable.
Decided to abandon that and do the transfer by copying the .dbx folders in explorer
(C\windows/application data/ .etc) and dropping them in the corresponding folder on my XP machine. (The folder path is slightly different, but I’ve definitely found the right one). Trouble is, this over writes my new e-mails, so I made new folders for these, but after I do the transfer these folders don’t appear in OE ?
They are definitely there in explorer, but not in OE, even after a re-start.??

I’ve also tried file/import, (from both the store folder, and another one) but the PC says the files can not be accessed as another application may be using them?
The import wizard also seems to direct me to another mail programme ie. MS Outlook or Exchange, but I don’t seem to have them? Can’t even find them on the W98 CD.
Also tried the file/ export command in OE on the W98 PC, and I get a warning …..An error occurred while initialising MAPI

I’ve spent over a day on this now, and would greatly appreciate some help.

  Drum 16:35 17 Nov 2004

Meant to say....they are both OE Version 6, and I'm attempting to use a memory stick to transfer the it's not a slave setup.

  Drum 16:49 18 Nov 2004

Thanks for the input jimv7 but I've got no problems saving the mail folders on each PC. The problem arises when I try to merge the store folders, as the incoming folder overwrites and deletes my new e-mails which are in sub-folders in OE of the same name.
This must be a problem lots of people encounter, and I'm stumped as it seems in order to merge, I have to import from another mail program eg Outlook, which I can't find.

  Drum 13:27 21 Nov 2004

Thanks Gemma, looks like I've been trying to do the impossible then.
Can someone explain what the export messages command does, as when I try it a message says "This will export messages from Outlook Express to MS Outlook or MS Exchange".
Clicking a message saying "An error occurred while initialising MAPI"

What does this mean?

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