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  Bob The Nob© 09:10 04 Nov 2004

I have a laptop drive and a normal IDE hard drive, the laptop drive is running W95 and the other drive is running W98. If I get one of those ext. drive cases for laptop drives would I be able to just copy the contents from the hard drive to the laptop drive????

The laptop has no floppy drive and no CD so this is the only way to trnsfer files etc.

So if I simply copy the files across will windows 98 work on my laptop?


  hillybilly 09:23 04 Nov 2004

"So if I simply copy the files across will windows 98 work on my laptop?"

In you own words, the simple answer is no, it is possible to get 98 onto the laptop though. Two I can think of are 1. Buy an external cdrom and install win98se from disk 2. this probably to complicated for you, take the hard drive out the laptop and put into a desktop as a slave drive and then copy 98 disk across, then reinstall it it into the laptop. Quite frankly if your laptopis that old, I wonder is it worth it?

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