Transfer of Domain Name registrar

  Chris-190573 19:54 04 May 2005


I have a website which i registered on click here some time ago, i have now completed the website and transferred the account to web-mania, or so i thought!!

I have been informed that free-parking or the company they have which holds the registration for the domain name "Fibranet Ltd" have not transferred the registrar to web mania as i requested.

i have emailed them for the past few months and i even spent over 10 minutes on to their "help" centre at £1 a minute where they assured me this would be done - it has been over a month since this call and i have bombarded them with email requests but i still have no action.

I am losing money day by day not having the website up and i cant get response from them

Can anybody help? 22:41 04 May 2005

why you registered it with one company, and want to host it with another. You may have paid a little more at webmania but you would have saved the hassle.

  Chris-190573 16:49 20 May 2005

I have provided Freeparking with the IPSTAG for Webmania and the name servers for the host and still had no reply from them at all.

I have tried the £1 a minute phone "help" line but as i transferred my account to webmania - which i thought would have included repointing my domain name - i no longer have an account with freeparking to access the online help.

and to "" I registered the domain name with freeparking because i had an idea of a website i wanted to build but had to learn how to do this first, so i registered the domain with freeparking at a low cost with no hosting then when i had the website built i transferred my account to webmania hosting so i could upload the site.

As this drags on and on my website site here getting viewed by no-one!!

How do i use the nominet dispute service?

Can anyone help with any other ideas??

  Forum Editor 09:17 21 May 2005

with an American company, and was unnecessary. As has explained, it would have been far better to register via WebMania in the first place.

Having said that, you obviously need to have the name retagged, and it looks as if the original company isn't going to do anything about it, so you need to take some steps. The Nominet dispute resolution service is not what you want in this case - it's only for disputes arising when one person has registered a name which another person feels he/she has a right to use. You simply want Nominet to move your domain name from one registration agent to another, and they will do this for you, but there's a procedure to be completed (and a £15 fee to be paid).

click here and download the transfer request form. Pay the fee, submit the form, and wait - Nominet will do the retag for you, once they have checked that you have the right to the name, that there are no outstanding registration charges payable, and that you have made appropriate attempts to get the original registration agent to do the retag.

  Chris-190573 12:31 21 May 2005

Many thanks for your help guys, you are such a great help.

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