Transfer data from Windows 7 to i Pad 2

  rawprawn 16:36 05 Mar 2011

I am thinking of buying an i Pad 2 when it is available later this month.
Does anyone know if there is an adapter available so that I can connect it to my compter's USB to transfer files etc?

  Forum Editor 16:50 05 Mar 2011

complete with all you need to connect to your PC.

What kind of files will you want to transfer?

  rawprawn 17:09 05 Mar 2011

Thanks for the answer, I want to transfer mainly data files, MS Word etc, also Photos.I just noticed that there is no USB port.
I would also need to do my banking on it, is it secure?
I have never owned an Apple so I know very little about the system.

  rawprawn 17:20 05 Mar 2011

Thanks, noted.

  bremner 17:52 05 Mar 2011

You can buy an adapters for the iPad that give an SD Card slot and USB port
click here

  rawprawn 18:20 05 Mar 2011

Thanks, but I can't get your link to work.
Can you write the address in text (leave a space somewhere so it doesn't appear as an html address)

  rawprawn 18:28 05 Mar 2011

USB converter

Thanks,if it will transfer photos, will it transfer data?

  bremner 18:41 05 Mar 2011

I don't know why the link does not work for you it is fine for me.

http ://

  bremner 18:45 05 Mar 2011

The easy way to transfer documents is to use an App like Documents To Go. It is £6 but very easy to use.

  bremner 19:01 05 Mar 2011

I do not understand your opening sentence.

The iPad does not have an SD Card slot or USB port only its docking connection.

The link shows the two adapters that are available that connect to the docking connection. One that gives USB and one for SD Cards. Both are for Camera and Video transfer.

Documents to Go sits on a computer and iPad and allows two way transfer of documents etc. I do not know of any way to load game patches other than through iTunes.

  rawprawn 19:28 05 Mar 2011

OK, guys i think I have all I need. I emailed my son in law who has an i Pad and he confirms what FE said.
I am going over to see the next weekend so I can have a play and learn.

bremmer. thanks your Documents To Go. is exactly what he uses.

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