Transfer data etc from old PC to new PC

  Darklighter 13:08 29 Jun 2010

Hi All,

Had a few issues with current PC (7 years old - Advent 3519), installed a new PATA 500GB drive, Windows 7 Professional, to replace a PATA 250GB, XP, which I had hoped to cure an issue with PC shutting to sleep mode, getting worse over last 3 months. Spent 14 hrs updating new drive / s/ware! This has still failed. Now reached a point where PC won't turn on at all, so have just bought a new PC Acer X3300-630 running Windows Home Premium.

Therefore I need to transfer to my new PC all my old files currently on the old duff PC.

What is the best solution, if I can get the old PC to turn on?

I have just bought an external drive caddy compatible with 3.5" PATA/SATA connections, so plan to take old PC drives out, fit this and copy by USB.

Another Issue:
Also how do I copy windows XP IE 8.0 favourites to my new PC, when it says can't copy as not administrator? But can't log on to PC given the current issues?

All help really appreciated.

  cooge 13:16 29 Jun 2010

A couple of solutions here. If you can get the pc to turn on then you can copy straight to the external caddy if you have a spare drive in it Also you could share your C drive and copy everything over the network if available, directly onto your new pc. If not then you can take the hard drives out and put them in the caddy and do it that way as you say.

The issue with the IE 8 favourites can be accessed by logging in as administrator on the old pc if you can get it on. Just change your name at the login prompt to Administrator and leave the password blank. Then go into the C drive select users and pick your user name, documents and settings then select favourites.
That should do the trick

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