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  onthelimit 10:26 06 Jun 2010

Something I've never had to do before. Thinking of trying W7. What's the easiest/cheapest/safest way to transfer the data on my XP Home C drive off and back onto computer after setting up W7 - I have an external hard drive. Thanks.

  Taff™ 10:57 06 Jun 2010

Use the Windows Easy Transfer Tool built into Windows 7 which will transpose all data including your settings. (Assume you`ve got a complete backup of your data anyway)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:37 06 Jun 2010

Take an image of your drive using something like Acronis True image or one of the free equivalents and store it on your external drive, check validity of image before installing W7.

You can then just replace the image later if you wish.

  john bunyan 11:44 06 Jun 2010

Another suggestion. Say all your data is in "My Documents" , and maybe a few other folders. There are free "mirror image" programmes such as Freefilesynch that you coan use to make a copy of your data to, I suggest, an external USB HD, then you can re -import it when W7 is installed. This works for data, not programmes, which have to be re-installed from original source(s)

  onthelimit 11:47 06 Jun 2010

I think the JB solution would suit best, as I don't need to image the operating system - just the date. Also, some of the progs I have are probably not compatible with W7. Will tick as resolved, and hope to try it soon.

  onthelimit 13:35 06 Jun 2010

Just a thought - can I just import Files and Settings from a complete XP back-up on the external drive once W7 is installed?

  woodchip 15:50 06 Jun 2010

Would have been best to fit a New Drive and load 7 on that, then refit the XP drive and dual boot it

  Taff™ 16:36 06 Jun 2010

Assuming you are talking about using the same computer to install Windows 7 onto the short answer is no. WET needs to be run on the "Old" computer first and the compressed file of the chosen documents and settings stored on the external device.(You can choose which data to transfer)

You can download WET from Microsoft click here

You would then set up Windows 7 on the "New" (Existing) computer and then run WET on that to import the documents and settings.

Fruit Bat /\0/\ has the best idea though. Do a complete image of the current system which you can revert to for any reason. The collect your data using WET before setting up W7 and transferring the data.

You`ve basically covered all the bases this way.

  onthelimit 16:50 06 Jun 2010

Great, I'll do that. Thanks for all the advice.

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