Transfer contacts from old phone to new

  kimtrnc 13:11 01 Jun 2011

Have just bought a nice new smartphone. How can I transfer contacts from old phone to new. Thought it might be as simple as moving contacts from phone to SIM, but it doesn't want to play... Old phone, Sony Ericcson Xylo. New phone Sony Ericsson Satio (12.1mp camera - hey, yey! better than my very expensive camera!) Not even sure if the contacts are on the old phone, or the SIM card

  birdface 13:26 01 Jun 2011

Normally transferring contacts from phone to sim and maybe from sim to phone on the new one works.

Not sure why it does not work on yours.

  kimtrnc 15:06 01 Jun 2011

Sorry guys, but it doesn't work. If I put the sim card in the new phone, it does not see the contacts. It therefore seems to me that these contacts must be on the phone itself, yes? Because when I put the SIM in the new phone, it does not see the contacts.

Any other ideas - I've been looking at the SE site, but the instructions given do not work, because all they do is explain how to get contacts from the SIM card - and there aren't any on my SIM!

  birdface 15:39 01 Jun 2011

No doubt you have done it right but just in case.

Contacts and scroll down to you get to Mark all.Press mark all.Then press copy and it should say from Phone to Sim card.Make sure you are not using Copy from sim card to phone.You would only do the last one on the new phone.

  birdface 15:50 01 Jun 2011

If you put the sim back in the old phone and go to Contacts.Scroll down to settings and select.Memory in use and set it to sim card only and if no names appear they have not transferred from the phone.

Maybe you have to set it to Phone and sim card before it will transfer I am not sure.

Then maybe set it to phone and check that the contacts are still on there and they have not been removed at any time.

Like you say it is usually straightforward so not sure why yours does not work.

  kimtrnc 15:54 01 Jun 2011

There is not an option to "mark all". Most of the problem seems to be because I want to use the existing SIM card in the new phone, I think. Both are Sony Erisson, on 3UK, so there SHOULDN'T be a problem....b ut clearly there IS....unless i am being completely daft!

  birdface 16:12 01 Jun 2011

It is Nokia that I use.So what happens if you click on names.Then Options is there not an Option to mark All when you scroll down.Then Copy.

like I said this is with a Nokia I assumed that they would be all the same.

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