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Transfer chrome usernames and passwords to new pc

  Anon-329733 14:00 05 Jan 2020

I have a bunch of websites i have saved username and password in chrome. I want to transfer all those to chrome on my new pc. Any help would be appreciated. Pls note i know how to xfer bookmarks but its the usernames and passwords i wantto xfer without having to re enter them.

  Anon-2445101 14:16 05 Jan 2020

I don't know if it also saves username. Link.

  Anon-1792729 16:05 05 Jan 2020

Turbo, if you're signed into Chrome with your Google account and have Sync turned on, then if you do the same on the new PC, everything will be transferred across - bookmarks, history, cookies, usernames and passwords, AutoFill, saved credit cards etc.

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