Transfer anti-Virus definitions to new hard drive

  Newuser3787 13:13 19 Aug 2003

I'm about to change the hard drive on my PC. I'm happy to reinstall SystemWorks on the new drive but I have three years worth of downloaded anti-virus definiations from Symantec on the present drive. I would like to copy these (via CD) to the new drive rather than a long internet download. Does anyone know which files I should copy?

  xania 14:17 19 Aug 2003

If you are copying the entire old HD to the new, your AV defs. will copy at the same time. Otherwise, you will have to download them again, as they do more than just sit as def files - there are program updates as well. You can, of course, short-curcuit the process by buying a more up-to-date version which will cover you for the next years. £12 will get you Systemworks 2003 click here.

  Confab 14:39 19 Aug 2003

The latest download will supersede the previous one so you don?t need to keep 3 years worth of downloads. just re-install the original AV prog and download the latest update of the prog and virus definition.

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