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Tranferring home videos to PS3

  LeedsLass 18:34 05 May 2011


I have a Sony HDR XR520E video camera and have a load of High Def home videos on it (holidays and days out) that I want to put on my PS3 as well as burn to Blu-Ray disc (as backup).

How do I get the home videos onto the PS3? I (naively) thought I could just connect the video camera (being Sony) to the PS3 (also being Sony) and transfer them all over and then group them into one file (for each different holiday/days out) and then just be able to play them from the PS3 like I do recorded programs from my Virgin box.

Atm they are individual clips for every time the camcorder has been stopped and started (so loads of mini-clips throughout a 2 week holiday) - how do I group them all into one and then get them onto the PS3 as "Holiday 2010", "holiday 2011", etc. rather than all the individual 2/3/4/5 min clips?

Thanx in advance

  100andthirty 20:04 05 May 2011

This page covers support for the supplied software that came with your camera.

You might need it to help you transfer movies to your computer. I don't know the software and don't know if there's any form of software that allows you to assemble the individual file (clips) into an overall movie.

Assuming it doesn't, you need something like Windows Live Movie Maker. there are plenty of tutorials about to show you how to make a movie. When it's done, the various clips are made into a movie whic you could either burn to DVD and then import into the PS3, or save to USB stick and copy to the PS3.

  LeedsLass 11:20 06 May 2011

Thanx for your replies - most helpful - I shall investigate further :o)

  woodchip 11:25 06 May 2011

You need to know the File format used by PS3 then convert the Video on your PC If PS3 as a CD player you should then be able to burn the converted filed to disc to play them in it

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