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  carnoustiejim 13:48 27 Oct 2011

hi im trying to transfer files i recorded on my humax pvr300t to an external drive i keep getting message its the wrong format (ntfs) its says the format is (ext3) or (sata 32/64) if i buy an external sata hard drive will it play on my windows 7 aio pc i thought it would only play ntfs hard drives im new to all this any help would be very helpful also is there any other way i can transfer the files thanks kirriejim

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:16 27 Oct 2011

the files are recorded in .ts files and can be played by VLC player on any PC.

What are you using to get the files off the humax? is there a USB slot on the 300t?

  robin_x 14:18 27 Oct 2011

You need to create a dedicated partition (probably the first one) on the external HDD.

This partition must be formatted with whatever Humax wants.

Partition Wizard will do this.

I would have thought FAT32 would work, but you are limited to 4GB which is not enough for long recordings. It does have the benefit of being Windows compatible though.

If you want to format to ext3, you will need a utility to mount the partition in Windows.

  robin_x 14:27 27 Oct 2011 to 4GB = 4GB per file (not partition size).

  carnoustiejim 15:38 27 Oct 2011

hi thanks for replys yes theres a usb socket il buy a fat32/64(which)and get vlc player and see how i go let you khow thanks again kirriejim

  robin_x 15:59 27 Oct 2011

You don't need to buy a specific formatted drive and if you try may end up with some special.

By the way, have you seen the price of hard drives now since the floods in Thailand? They have gone through the roof.

It's probably easier to get say a 8 or 16GB USB flash drive just for transferring from your Humax to PC.

I have a couple of 8GBs for my PVR (not Humax) and general use.

8GB is just a touch too small though. I'll get mebbe 3 x SD movies on that. Takes ages anyway. 15 mins per hour for me.

Or if you have an existing external drive, just shrink the first partition and add a new first partition of a few GB, simply for getting the files off the Humax. You can then move the files anywhere on your system.

  robin_x 20:55 27 Oct 2011

9200T Manual

Google from 9200t export

Reading between the lines, doesn't the PC see the 9200T as just another drive(s), if you connect via USB. If so, just drag and drop/copy the .ts files.

I don't really know, you may be better in a Humax forum. Or there are others, search 'Humax forum'

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