Tranfer of HDD to another PC

  nam_rahs 11:27 05 May 2008

I have 2 PC's of similar spec & both running XP Pro. Is it ok to swap the HDD from the older PC to the better spec one without causing any problems.
The reason I would like to do this is because the HDD I would like to swap is of a larger capacity and contains info that I need to access.
The older PC is painfully slow and very unreliable and not used.

  JanetO 11:49 05 May 2008

I could be wrong but the hdd may not work as a system drive in the other pc. When xp is installed it installs drivers which are relevant to that pc, ie motherboard etc.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:52 05 May 2008

The easiest way to do this and get an external HD at the same time, is to buy a usb caddy for the HD which you can then attach to your new PC. click here or PCWorld have them for a little more.


  ambra4 12:09 05 May 2008

You cannot just install the old drive as the master drive on the new computer as it will not


As motherboard information, drivers, etc would be difference to your new computer

You will have to install the old hard drive as a slave drive, copy the information that

you required from old drive to the master drive on the new computer

Swap the drive around old drive make it the master and the new pc drive the slave

and do a fresh install of the OS on the old drive, making sure that you install all the

drivers for the new computer Lan, Audio, Display Card etc.

  nam_rahs 12:36 05 May 2008

Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far.
I forgot to mention that I still have the original XP disk for the old PC would that help the situation. I have mislaid the one for the new PC.
Your instructions look good, will give this a go first.Thanks

  Strawballs 14:22 05 May 2008

You could just install the other drive as a second drive set it to slave and delete the O/S and applications from it so you can still access the data on it and use it to transfer data from the master so you can use it for storage, that way if any time in the future you need to format and re-install windows you will not loose any data as you will not be formatting the second drive.

  nam_rahs 20:14 05 May 2008

Thanks for all your advice. After looking at the options open, I have initially installed the old slave drive {60gb} hoping to transfer some files to the master, if this goes well I plan to remove this slave aand then instal the old master as slave
and transfer files from that.
Installing the old slave drive went ok, but it does not appear in My Computer. It is listed in Device Manager and states that it is working correctly. Any hints on that please?

  Stuartli 23:48 05 May 2008

When you swap over the drives, do an XP Repair. See:

click here

  Stuartli 23:49 05 May 2008

The reason is that XP doesn't always "take" to a new motherboard.

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