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  Blackhat 23:51 26 Jan 2007

Hi, I am traveling south next week to restore a freinds PC as he has a few nasty virus's. He is new to computing and does not know what a firewall is.

He has lost internet connection so I won't be able to download any AV software, What would you recommend I take with me that I can save to disc and hopefully load onto his PC. I have already saved the latest fix tools from symantec but things like adaware, spybot, avg etc usualy require internet connection or can I save these to disc as well?

  Kate B 00:11 27 Jan 2007

A Squared, Windows Defender and Zone Alarm should be on that list. You can install them from a CD, no problem there, but of course you won't be able to download the latest definitions if you can't go online. Still, you should be able to get rid of most of the rubbish without the latest definitions, though presumably your friend's Windows installation is hopelessly unpatched too? You can slipstream Windows Updates - I suppose you could start with SP2 and slipstream all the updates since then, but doing that will keep you busy for a while.

Once you've finished with your friend's machine, I suggest you tie him to the desk and forcibly give him a lesson in updating and running scans and then extract a promise on pain of death or denial of beer that they will do that religiously.

If it's really bad you might just want to format the HDD and do a clean install. Good luck.

  baldtaco 00:13 27 Jan 2007

This would be a good starting point. It's the best boot disk I know of, and full of useful goodies. Be sure to read the FAQ. Some of the tools on there can trigger false positives. click here

  Blackhat 00:19 27 Jan 2007

Thanks Kate B, I have used all of the above but am I able to just write them to disc from my PC using nero, reason for asking is that when I downloaded these myself there was an installation file, which after installing I have deleted from my PC. Do I need to add that to the disc as well or will nero copy a working version of these AV files.

  Blackhat 00:28 27 Jan 2007

baldtaco, I looked at the UBCD for windows and tried to access the download page, got page not found. It looks good but can't get the free download to work.

  Totally-braindead 00:42 27 Jan 2007

I would add Ccleaner as well, very useful program.

  Kate B 00:52 27 Jan 2007

Just download the executable from the website, burn that to a CD and then at your friend's house, copy the executable (the .exe file) on to your friend's desktop and double-click it. The program will install on your friend's machine.

But actually if the machine is that bad I'd do a clean install then before you go online with the fresh install, from your CD install Zone Alarm, Windows Defender and AVG, then immediately go to Windows Update and install all the critical updates it offers you; and after that add Spybot, Adaware and A Squared and then as I suggested tie your friend to the desk and encourage him with gentle coercion (I find the withholding of beer very effective) to learn how to update those programs and run regular scans. While you're at it, impress upon him (on pain of being denied football on the telly) the importance of not opening anything in an email from someone he doesn't know.

I'd also at that point install Firefox with Adblock and the Charset.G updater and kill the shortcut to IE so that he's not tempted to use that - Firefox with those extensions will keep pop-ups at bay, including pop-ups that flash "You've Got Spyware! Click here to remove it!!!" and "You've won A Million Quid!!! Click here to claim it!!!" Tell him (on pain of never eating pizza again) that he MUST use Firefox at all times online, and especially so if he uses warez or porn sites. With a bit of luck that will keep his machine mostly clear in future.

  Kate B 00:53 27 Jan 2007

Oh, one exception to the Never Use IE prohibition for your friend: he's allowed to use it for regular visits to the Windows Update site - it won't work with Firefox. Good luck.

  Blackhat 01:04 27 Jan 2007

Thanks Kate B, he is in for a full bashing on internet protacol, I have downloaded and saved to disc most of what you have mentioned, of to bed now, will let you know how I got on next week, goodnight, Blackhat.

  Miros 07:02 27 Jan 2007

Why this strong objection to IE? I use nothing else and find it preferable to Firefox or any other browser I have tried, I'm very curious.

Sorry the above not quite true, since I have AOL I on very rare occasions use their browser, which I don't like at all.

  baldtaco 07:44 27 Jan 2007


LittlBUGer does the community well, again. The mirror here worked seconds ago - click here

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