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  sdf 02:22 11 Nov 2003

Does anyone know if it is possible (inspired by the recent Consumer Watch Article about the most powerful Pc which suggests a system boasting a duel CPU Intel Xeon 3.06ghz) to have a duel Athlon (preferably Athlon 64) system? I dont know much about 2 CPUs in one system - but i like the idea! logic would dictate twice as fast??? if it is possible are there any motherboards that will support it?!! thoughts welcome

  accord 07:12 11 Nov 2003

a dual cpu system isnt twice as fast as a single, its better at multitasking, hyperthreading and dealing with more information. Ideal for servers.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:21 11 Nov 2003

It would only be of use for uber-geek career gamers or for serious video-editing. For genral use it would be a total waste of time. In theory there can be any amount of processors in a computer but dissipating the heat would cause enormous problems and the mobo's would probably collapse under the strain.


  mobileman1953 09:00 11 Nov 2003

would that be general use

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