Trackpad/pointer problem Sony laptop Win 7.

  birchwoodson 10:15 27 Dec 2015

Have Sony laptop which the pad/mouse sticks or cannot be controlled by the touch pad. This happens on boot up and I put the laptop in suspense mode then press enter key to restart and sometimes cures the problem other times it can take 10/15 goes before it works normal. Over the last month I have re installed driver and updated have even re-installed windows 7 but problem is still there. Once I get it working then it tends to stay ok till shut down. I have used a wireless (usb) mouse and it works fine. As can be had from my description of problem not the most technical person but know a reasonable amount so would be grateful any ideas on this one.

  alanrwood 15:38 27 Dec 2015

From the description it would appear to be a hardware problem. Maybe the connections between the tracker pad and the motherboard are intermittent and might need reseating or possibly it is going faulty and will need replacing.

  birchwoodson 17:37 27 Dec 2015

Thanks alanrwood, I do feel it is a hardware issue but it beats me how it behaves itself once it reboots. i did have a quick peek how to get to the track pad but I guess that means splitting the laptop, not sure I'm in to that so maybe off to local shop-thats if you can trust them, thanks again.

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