Tracking a stolen pc.

  grabster 15:21 26 Oct 2003

Just wondering if its possible to track a stolen pc or laptop when its online.
No dodgy reason for the question just curiosity.

  VoG II 15:23 26 Oct 2003

Yep click here

Have look on Google.

  woodchip 15:33 26 Oct 2003

Unless the computer Barks, Whistles or shouts for HELP I don't think you have much chance.

  grabster 15:38 26 Oct 2003

Thanks for the link VoG,I wonder if many people take even simple precautions to protect their stuff,every day my local rag runs a crime feature and you wouldnt believe the stuff people leave in their cars,laptops,pc systems,digi cameras, briefcases, maybe i should take up a different career. ;o)

  Djohn 15:41 26 Oct 2003

Yep! there are programs that will "Phone home" without the user being aware and notify you that the PC is being used. Enables the police to do a trace and find. j.

  grabster 15:50 26 Oct 2003

Not much good if you bear in mind most people would reformat the machine before using it, methinks.

  woodchip 15:51 26 Oct 2003

That's what I would do

  grabster 15:59 26 Oct 2003

Would it not be possible for microsoft to track your copy of windows while it's online ? ,they can detect pirated windows xp reg keys so why can't they detect a particular copy of windows and retrieve the users ip number and take it from there ?

  woodchip 16:03 26 Oct 2003

He is too busy making money

  grabster 16:11 26 Oct 2003

Well i suppose thats my query answered,it could be done but ain't.Thanks for the input.

  Djohn 16:14 26 Oct 2003

I don't think That Microsoft can trace a Product key on line. They just block a certain batch of key numbers every now and then. These are usually multi licence ones. If your O/S is already installed, it will continue to function. Only if you format your drive and attempt to use the same product key again will you find it is not accepted at "Activation".

If you have a Valid XP and receive this message on trying to activate, then a phone call to Microsoft will result in a new key being issued to you.

This is one of the good points of registration of your product with M/S, when you phone them, they have your details to cross check and validate you as a genuine user/holder of the product key.

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