Tracking cookies, virus?

  ella33 10:22 26 Mar 2010

I don't know if this is the correct forum but I have recently checked the activities of my Norton idle scans and have discovered that it is removing tracking cookies 'low risk' at least twice daily. It does not seem too much to worry about, but is there any way of finding out where these tracking cookies are from? Do other pc users have regular 'spies'? This is not to be confused with updates when a screen msg asks if I want to allow this and shows a risk assessment.

  rawprawn 10:36 26 Mar 2010

Very many sites implant tracking cookies including this site. Most are harmless, although some may be needed to remember log ins etc

  rawprawn 10:41 26 Mar 2010

Malwarebytes will remove any which are not safe,
click here

  rawprawn 11:56 26 Mar 2010

PS. your Norton seems to be doing it's job.I shouldn'y worry at all.

  ame 12:01 26 Mar 2010

You can probably set Norton not to delete them automatically so that you can view them and delete them manually, but I wouldn't bother. I have Norton Internet security 2010 set to delete them automatically.

  mfletch 12:06 26 Mar 2010

The easiest way is to download Ccleaner click here

Install it then run it click on Options>cookies

There will be a list of cookies you have

You may be surprised how many there is

  ella33 13:27 26 Mar 2010

Thanks everyone. It seems that everyone gets the same stuff and it is harmless, so nothing to worry about. I appreciate the advice about different products, too.

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