Track Splitting - Mini Disc to PC

  shaduf 16:29 05 Sep 2004

Some time ago I recorded some of my CD’s to Mini Disc.

I would now like to put the music from those Mini Discs on to my computer. I can record them through the sound card but they always finish up as one long track the length of the Mini Disc.

Is there any simple sound editor that would enable me to split the tracks?


  pj123 16:53 05 Sep 2004

If it is recorded to your hard disk as .wav file the programme I use is LP Ripper this will split them back to separate tracks. Available from click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:46 05 Sep 2004

If you re-recorded them in digital format you would keep the tracks seperate. You would need a usb connection device or a sound card with a digital input to do this. Or you could just copy your CD's to your hard drive.

  shaduf 20:13 05 Sep 2004

That looks as if it will do the job, I will try the trial version first.

Arthur S.
My portable Mini Disc only has Line Out but I do have an MD Deck in the Lounge set up which has digital out. I would think you are probably right in that if I keep it digital it will keep the tracks seperate.

My MD deck has digital optical out and my sound card has digital optical in so I'll be having a good fiddle tomorrow.

Thanks guys


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