Tracing who accessed my hotmail, etc

  MikeAuck 04:18 09 Feb 2012

Hi there. (1) I have deleted some e-mails from the year 2009 from my hotmail account. Is there any way or software to bring back those e-mails that have been deleted? (2) I also suspect that my hotmail account has been hacked. Is there any software or way to find out or trace who has been accessing my hotmail account? (3) I also thought of suspending my hotmail account to prevent fraudulent use but I want to keep my hotmail account in case I need to access my old e-mails. Is there a way of doing this instead of cancelling my hotmail account? Thanks, hope you can help.

  markd71 06:55 09 Feb 2012

Change your password !

  northumbria61 08:17 09 Feb 2012

Your best action is simply to learn from this, and do what it takes to properly secure your account. Typically that means not sharing your password with anyone, and choosing difficult to guess passwords, and where appropriate, difficult to guess answers to your "secret question". In my opinion it also means not using FREE email accounts for anything sensitive or important.

But as markd71 says above - change your password and make it a STRONG one (ie: uppercase/lowercase or a mixture of letters and numbers - substitute the 0 (zero) for letter O etc.)

  northumbria61 08:19 09 Feb 2012

Tracking down who logged into your account is highly unlikely. There are at least two huge issues at play here:

MSN Hotmail may simply not keep that information. I mean, that's a lot of data that they would have to track, given the millions of subscribers and millions upon millions of logins that happen every day. From a purely practical point of view, I can't imagine them keeping that information, or if they do, keeping it for any length of time.

But, having said that, it's certainly possible that they do, BUT

They're not about to give that information to just anyone. In fact, I would be very concerned if they did give it if you simply asked. There are major privacy and security issues that result if they were to provide that information easily. There may even be possible legal liability issues for MSN if they responded to that type of request.

  Woolwell 10:22 09 Feb 2012

I regularly hear of problems with hotmail but rarely, if at all, with gmail.

  spuds 11:02 09 Feb 2012


Not sure, but someone in the know might have the correct answer. But I do believe (by law) that any information now as to be retained by the people providing the service. For how long and how this applies, I am not sure.

  bluemoon69 12:23 09 Feb 2012

Yes Woolwell is correct. I use to be with Hotmail and change my password very often and it was hacked, also most of my friends have been hacked. If you want to have free email account then again i agree with Woolwell and Gmail i have not herd of any problems and have been with them now for a long time. Many IP's these days supply you with email accounts and i am also using mine.

  northumbria61 12:55 09 Feb 2012

spuds - "But I do believe (by law) that any information now as to be retained by the people providing the service. For how long and how this applies, I am not sure."

Yes you are correct in saying that the information (by law) has to be retained by the service provider. Not certain but I believe it is for a period of 12 months. However the chances of it being given out to "Joe Bloggs" is NIL and I think I am right in saying only for legal purposes.

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