Tracing Photos.

  TonyAA 14:01 07 Apr 2005

Anyone know of any good software for making a tracing,resizing,colouring etc. of photos on screen using a graphics tablet.

  pauldonovan 14:38 07 Apr 2005

...then any painting program would probably do but Paintshop Pro and Photoshop are about the best as I understand it.

I use Photoshop (Elements but have used full version) and it is great.

  Diemmess 14:56 07 Apr 2005

You can add CorelDrw to the list. - Though primarily a splendid vector drawing program has Photopaint(excellent)included as well as Corel Trace and for that matter Corel Capture. Photopaint does more or less everything that Photoshop does, but like that has a steep learning curve for the fancy things.

Corel Trace has left me unimpressed, taking far too long fiddling with the parameters to produce a good result,. (but you did mention tracing!)

I have Corel v 9 which should be much cheaper now from ebay-like sources.

  rubella 15:55 07 Apr 2005

Agree with all above, and I prefer Paint Shop Pro. For a decent freebie you might like to try PhotoFiltre click here , and Pixia is a freebie graphic software with a strongly Japanese flavour click here .

  TonyAA 16:21 07 Apr 2005

Thanks all for replies,will check out suggestions to find what each one has to offer.

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