Tower not working after storm please help

  joostin 08:20 20 Jun 2007

Guys can you please help me.After a lightening storm yesterday i returned home to find that my Vaio Tower did not work it would not switch on at front start button.My parents said that the phone went dead then came back on so i wondder if a serge came in thro telephone line, the monitor etc all work its just the tower.I swapped the leads and still no joy.
When i put power lead into tower there is nothing but when i pull it out the front lights (Vaio log etc) light up and internal fan turns around then stops after a second.I am so worried about loosing pics of my young son etc thats on drive hopefully its a power thing.
Please can you help me and advise me what to do im gutted.
Thanks guys

  golfpro 08:42 20 Jun 2007

Try switching it off at the power switch at the back of the PC, wait about 30 sec, and then switch it back on and reboot. I had the same problem a little while ago and this worked for me.

  Graham. 08:43 20 Jun 2007

The Start button not working may mean a fried motherboard. It's unlikely the hard drive has been damaged. Can you take it out and put in another PC as slave? Then, hopefully, you would be reassured the pics have survived.

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  joostin 09:05 20 Jun 2007

Thanks Golfpro and Graham.Where would i find the power switch on the back of pc is it inside sleeve as dont think there are any switches on back as just a power lead or am i dim??

  laurie53 09:07 20 Jun 2007

Is there's been a surge it might be the fuse in your power supply unit. Some of them are protected in this way


  joostin 09:41 20 Jun 2007

Thanks Laurie where is the fuse located? do you think its a fuse because i do get lights at front for a second and fan turns once when i pull power lead out??

  Diemmess 10:54 20 Jun 2007

If you can (as Graham has said) piggy back the HD as a slave on another computer, it is high time to copy all your preciuos data to CD or even an external HD.

A substituted power supply unit might be a sensible next step after putting the HD back in the tower.

But if that doesn't work .... then you have to consider the Motherboard or CPU have died.

  drybones 10:55 20 Jun 2007

The power supply switch will be near the kettle type plug on the back of the P/C usually a small black rocker style switch,you could also try pulling the mains plug out for the time suggested above. Before you start replacing mother/boards etc suggest you try to beg,borrow I wont say steal someones p/supply to test your P/C if problem is still there it could be a fried motherboard or CPU I sincerely hope not, as previously stated in the other replies your hard drive should still be o/k all the best

  joostin 11:47 20 Jun 2007

Thanks guys,a computer shop owner near me has said about power supply fo £29, like a div i said i have tried another power lead 3 prong off external HD but after i came off phone i think he was saying that you can buy a new power supply to by pass the old one is this right drybones??

  keef66 12:03 20 Jun 2007

he means he'd sell you a new power supply for £29. Pretty straightforward to change it yourself. Problem is, it could still be a fried mobo and / or processor, hence drybones' suggetsion to borrow a psu first

  Diemmess 12:08 20 Jun 2007

Surely the power supply unit for £29 ?
They are available cheaper on the net, but if you buy locally and have any bother you can settle more easily with a local shop.

The power lead is most unlikely to be duff but if you have anything else in the house with a similar connector you can always try a brief swap.
(2nd thoughts - a kettle lead with a 13amp fuse would be OK to try on your computer, but a working Computer lead with a 3 or 5 amp fuse would blow straight away in the kettle!)

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