Touch Screen PC's - pitfalls?

  compumac 15:35 07 May 2011

My daughter's laptop will need replacing in the very near future and as it used only generally in one place, a desktop is more suitable excepting for space. I wonder as to the suitability/practicality of a touch screen and obviating the need for a tower? What are the pitfalls? Can they be readily accessed for replacement parts, hard disc, DVD drive etc?

  woodchip 16:33 07 May 2011

Just my view, as its your daughter you do not say her age. But just saying she is young still at school, I would go for normal Desktop not touch screen. you are more likely to have problems. and a mini tower or one of those that run on a Atom CPU may be enough. You can get Board for these in Maplins that create small form factor pc. or something like this, But it does need a external DVD drive about £32.

PS would be no good for gaming link text

  compumac 16:45 07 May 2011

Daughter very much an adult, left school some twenty five plus years ago.. No room for tower and that is why she is using laptop as opposed to conventional desktop.

  bremner 16:47 07 May 2011

HP offer All in One machines with or without touch screens.

My son has a touchscreen one but rarely uses the touchscreen, preferring a mouse.

Pitfalls? Dirty screen, get a good cloth and cleaning fluid (apple iclean expensive but very good). Upgrading hard drive and memory fairly straightforward anything else much more difficult.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:22 07 May 2011

All in one is basically a laptop on its side with separate keyboard and just like a laptop they are not readily upgradeable as everything is crammed in.

  morddwyd 19:40 07 May 2011

I use a touchscreen laptop all the time.

Dirty screen? Well, I did run a dry duster over mine once, and it's eighteen months old. However, a female might feel the need to do this a bit more often (that's not sexist, it's an opinion!).

  woodchip 21:08 07 May 2011

Think about them Nails on the screen, not going to do it much good

  compumac 22:33 07 May 2011

My interest was purely one of space, but thinking about it, a replacement laptop might be the better option.

  bremner 23:41 07 May 2011

How anyone can use a touchscreen and not leave greasy fingerprints behind I find astonishing.

Is it that the user has the cleanest fingers in he world or the poorest eyesight? ;o)

  morddwyd 07:50 08 May 2011

In my case the latter!

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