Touch screen monitor

  iqs 19:18 27 Jul 2012

Hi, I'm running w7 and am looking for a touch screen monitor which works well with w7 .my budget is upto £250 Thanks

  rdave13 20:19 27 Jul 2012

I've seen this but I assume you need this to use it? As you can see, I have no experience of touch screen monitors so you'll have to do some homework. Good luck.

  Ian in Northampton 20:36 27 Jul 2012

You might do well to wait till October (I think) when Windows 8 is launched. Because it natively supports touchscreen, I imagine there will be a flood of touchscreen monitors come on the market, which should bring prices down.

  rdave13 20:41 27 Jul 2012

Ian in Northampton That's a good theory or it could go the other way. Not long ago touch screen monitors were scarce. Now Win 8 on the horizon then possibly Touch Screens will get more expensive and ordinary screens cheaper?

  woody 01:33 28 Jul 2012

I have been looking for a touch screen for some time - just to keep up to date. But when I tried win8 and "pretended" to use a touch screen I realize that I would not be able to reach most of my "screen". However I have continued to look at what is available. Before you buy look for reviews for your chosen monitor.It seems that the color is not bad ,even good, but the touch is not very accurate to the point some (all?) provide a pen to use instead of your finger.

Let us know if you find a suitable one.

  iqs 13:19 28 Jul 2012

Hi all, Thanks for the help.will do a search on which one is recommended ,will of course post back when/if I purchase one. Thanks again

  KRONOS the First 13:27 28 Jul 2012

I have a tablet which I use a Capacitive/Resistive touch screen Stylus Pen because the amount of grease that gets on a screen is annoying, God knows what it would be like n a monitor.

For that reason I will not be moving to Windows 8 and touch screen.

  woody 15:28 28 Jul 2012

I can see the advantage of touch with small screens (toys LOL) but the idea that my main screen will end up like my oven -only i can understand how to use it because it has worn away the numbers - is not a good idea!

On the other hand the idea of putting aside the mouse and picking up a pen is a no no for me.

It also appears that the touch part is no good,at the moment, for detail work.You can now see why i have been looking for some time and i agree win8 is not for me except for testing.

  iqs 18:02 02 Aug 2012

Hi all, In the end I decided not to buy a touch screen monitor,purchased a standard led Samsung .very happy with it.Thanks all

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