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Touch-pad is far too sensitive

  IanS1 15:26 22 Jun 2019

Does anyone else have problems with a touch-pad that it is way oversensitive and which keeps opening all sorts of unwanted links whenever your fingertip is left within even the most minimal contact?

I have an Acer Swift 3 where the touch-pad is also off-centre (to the left), and I find that makes the problem even worse, because I'm constantly placing my fingers too far across to the right where all sorts of unintended menus drop down, apparently because the touch-pad seems to have loads of different areas that do all sorts of different things.

Anyone else find these touch-pad's infuriating? If I were doing any serious work with this laptop/touchpad it would be totally unusable and 100% unfit for purpose.

I have tried as many settings as I could find to reduce the sensitivity, but never found anything that makes the slightest difference.

Not so much asking for a solution (because I expect there really isn't one – is there??). More just wondering how many other people have such problems and find touch-pads like this to be bordering on practically useless?

  Pine Man 15:34 22 Jun 2019

I had a similar problem and the only solution, depending on where you intend using it, was to disable the touch pad and use a mouse. I know it tends to defeat the idea of a lap top but it worked for me!

  IanS1 17:20 22 Jun 2019

Hi ... indeed. But you guessed right - ie I am using it purely as a laptop, actually on my lap and never at a desk or a table.

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