Totally Bored at work........

  ThePharcyde007 10:05 17 Mar 2004

Anybody know of any pc modding sites to keep me occupied!!

  anon1 10:17 17 Mar 2004

click here
excellant company

  sicknote 10:19 17 Mar 2004

How about these !!!!!!click here

  SGT [email protected] 10:29 17 Mar 2004

not thought of getting a more interesting job then ??? :)

  ThePharcyde007 10:32 17 Mar 2004

Quiet time of the month!

  sicknote 10:55 17 Mar 2004

I spy with my little eye something beginning with T

  ventanas 11:01 17 Mar 2004

Can I come and work at your place?

  Aspman 11:01 17 Mar 2004

Do a google for the 'Crimson room'. That'll keep you going for a bit.

  Chegs ® 11:43 17 Mar 2004

Dear escape person,
80,500 persons have escaped, by 16:00 February 29, 2004
Difficult number to make a list by my hand. So, I try to find a method.

All the comments are seen in order.
I will make it the reference to the "next room".

With the unexpected number of accesses, the action of a page has made you trouble.
Although work of the "next room" is also going smoothly, I'm in problem of traffic to the server to raise.

Anyway, the "next room" will be announced to this site.

Thank you.


I did as you suggested,and now my brain hurts,as I found this....

whats it all about then?

  ©®@$? 12:07 17 Mar 2004

i can't escape from that room

  hugh-265156 12:23 17 Mar 2004

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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