total power up failure..............

  taliban 12:21 09 Sep 2007

hi, i recently decided to re build and upgrade my pc (something i have done before), but this time i have a power failure;
i bought a brand new asrock 939nf6g-vsta motherboard, an amd 64 3500+ cpu (compatability checked with asrock), a western digital 250gb sata hd. i used my old memory which matches, 2x 512 sticks, and a magna 500w psu which i've had for some time. when built, no power, checked everything, rebuilt, still no good, tried a spare old psu, even a spare power switch, nothing. took it to a small repair shop, they said it was the psu and showed it working. took it home plugged in, it came on for a second then nothing. back to the shop, they tried another psu, it half worked, then they said cpu, m/board etc so i took it home. bought a new m/board (same model) and 600w psu. when turned on everything lights up for a second then goes off? i tried asrock, they just suggested checking connections etc which obviously i've already done, any ideas? does it just need a more powerful psu?

  thms 12:40 09 Sep 2007

First make sure motherboard is not shorting out.
Check all standoffs making sure nothing is shorting to the case.

Have you a connecter next to cpu if so is it connected. This is usually a four pin connecter.

Try booting with one stick of memory only, if it still wont boot replace with other stick and try again.

The psu you have is powerful enough.

  taliban 11:35 11 Sep 2007

yeah the 4 pin 12v connector is plugged in, i havent tried switching the memory sticks yet, interesting point about the motherboard shorting to the case, i do have a spare case i could try....

  skidzy 17:10 11 Sep 2007

To find out if the mobo is shorting out,place the mobo on a piece of card (not fixed to the case) connect up with the basics hdd/one stick of ram/cpu 12v/ and any graphics card if not onboard graphics. then fire up.

Do not place the mobo on the carpet !!

Beware of any static.

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