total novice needs guidance

  spec 20:40 21 Aug 2003

I want to build a web page and have'nt a clue where to begin. I am told to use the 'free' web space usually provided by my service provider. As far as i can see they only provide free web mail. Can I obtain this 'space' or URL or whatever anywhere else?. Preferrably without paying as I don't want it for anything serious.

Would really appreciate some directions as Im a bit(nay a lot)lost, being new to it all.

thanks in advance fellas

  Forum Editor 23:04 21 Aug 2003

will almost certainly provide you with some free server space in which you can run your own web site. Without knowing which ISP you use I can't give you more specific advice, but if you take a good look at your ISP's homepage you'll find a link that will lead you to an area containing instructions on how to utilise your space.

Many ISPs provide free software which you can use to create a site, plus detailed instructions on what to do. Take a look, and come back to this thread for more information as and when you need it. 00:55 22 Aug 2003

just do a search for FREE web hosts, there are hundreds (maybe k's) of them out there. Most supply their own tools to boot. If no luck return here.

Good luck, Whiz...

  MichelleC 08:28 22 Aug 2003

A good way to practise web-building skills is with the free space and tools provided by Yahoo and Lycos. They're a bit limited but it's a good start. Then you can progress to FP or Dreamweaver.

  spec 14:01 22 Aug 2003

I stand corrected, your right FE my isp does provide (10mb) of web space. Much obliged 2 u 2 also Barry & Michellec.

  spec 13:13 26 Aug 2003

I have now been told by my isp (Fast4internet) that free webspace is given 'only' if I upgrade to a more expensive package(so whats free about that?). They call it a better package, I call it blackmail.

  Taran 13:35 26 Aug 2003

You can play to your hearts content on your own computer in designing and testing your web pages without needing and web space at all.

Then there are some free web hosts out there; if you search for them in Google you'll come up trumps with more than you know what to do with. The penalty is that you will normally have to keep one or more advertising banners from the host on your site pages.

Once you get up and running and comfortable in your designs and uploads, you will eventually want a dedicatd hosting package anyway which you will have to pay for, but until then, try that search I mentioned.

An ISP may or may not choose to offer you a web directory as part of your account. While most do, some do not and the markups charged by most good ISPs and hosts is pitifully small to begin with, so it's not suprising that a tiered account system is provided by some. It does not seem unreasonable that if you don't want a web directory, you can choose an account option that saves you money but still gives other useful features.



  spec 19:27 26 Aug 2003

...Taran, got your point and thanks for the tips and advice.


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