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  [email protected]© 18:54 02 May 2006

I am giving my comp to someone and I want to completely format the hard drive before I do so. I don't want anything to be traced as I have used it a lot for work etc and sensitive data has been on there. What program can I use to do this so that I can hand it over ready for them to put an O/S on it. Thanks,

  g40 18:57 02 May 2006

This months has a freebie called Media Wipe, but if you are after a freebie, the "Killdisk" floppy setup is good (Google to find latest version).

  [email protected]© 18:58 02 May 2006

No Floppy Drive!

  ade.h 18:58 02 May 2006

Just shove a Windows CD in there and go through the motions of beginning an installation until you get to a screen that has all the existing partitions listed. There will be an option to delete a partition. Start with the last and work your way back, then move on to the format option and choose to format the free space with the full option. Then quit before actually installing.

  g40 18:59 02 May 2006

To the free program:
click here

  ade.h 18:59 02 May 2006

For Windows CD, read Windows XP CD.

  [email protected]© 19:01 02 May 2006

But I am led to believe that formatting using a windows cd doesn't get rid off everything is this correct.

  g40 19:03 02 May 2006

Sorry typed the posting with the link prior to reading your response.

This link will let you put Killdisk on a CD.

click here

Or ade.h's suggestion but not sure which version dletes the data to a higher level. This months dik program mentioned above looks very impressive however, good luck.

  ade.h 19:11 02 May 2006

The format function on an XP CD removes EVERYTHING. Use the full format option as I suggested and all data will be destroyed (which it warns you about). I have used this method to clean disks many times.

  Eric half-a-bee 19:37 02 May 2006

I've recovered files after a full format and several formats changing the file system so that's not true.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:57 02 May 2006

'I've recovered files after a full format and several formats changing the file system'...and may one ask how you did this? The only time that I have seen this work is when someone forgets to delete a partition.

For most purposes, unless you are a spook, full format is more than enough.


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