Toshiba wireless connection problem

  Gaz4545 18:30 07 Mar 2010

Hi hoping you can help me.......My Toshiba Laptop is a Qusmio and whist I can see the wireless networks of other houses Internet I cannot connect to mine that is also showing. It does have a Connectivity Doctor program in it and that says ...check and make sure router/gateway hub issue ...Network is not connected. I have noticed that on the right hand lower side of the screen are a few onscreen icons 1. Q-Connect..2.Profiles...3.Connectivity Doctor (looking at now) 4. A circles diagram (when I click on it it displays a circle, within many circles and shows other available wireless next door etc and also mine. I notice that you can drag a line from my seen wireless connection and if you drag the line to the middle displayed pc it opens up a box, which says ssid (my sky router number is displayed) then it has Network Authencation ie shared or WPa..WPA-PSK..and other numbers/letters and so on...Another box says Data encryption ie WEP..or it can be disabled. Then another box says Network Key, this box is blank...and finally Key index (advanced) this is blank. Two smaller plain boxes below 1 says the Key is provided automaticaly (blank) and the other one says Enable iEEE802.1x authentication.....Just wondered if any of this helps? :-)

  birdface 21:15 07 Mar 2010

Have you had it connected before and have you got the wireless turned on in your laptop.

  birdface 21:21 07 Mar 2010

It has a wireless switch on front left make sure it is switched on.Some laptops you have to press the Fn button+either F1 or f2 to start it.

  Woolwell 21:27 07 Mar 2010

If the other houses are viewable then surely the wireless is turned on.

Gaz4545 - buteman's question have you ever connected is important. From what you have said I doubt whether you have. Have you configured your router for wireless and set a password?

  Woolwell 21:29 07 Mar 2010

Just realised that this is the same subject as click here.

Gaz4545 please do not start new threads on the same subject as it gets confusing.

  Woolwell 21:30 07 Mar 2010

Sorry you were told to start new thread.

  Gaz4545 21:40 07 Mar 2010

Hi, sorry guys to confuse you, apologise. Ok I do have another laptop (my wife)the sky picks up fine on her wireless and I only need to put in the Network key and it works, the Toshiba also used to be that simple, however yes the wireless is turned on ..and yes I can see other wireless networks on..including my sky one, however when I go to click on it it wont open for me to put my network key in...unless i go to the Toshiba Configfree program. This seems to work by clicking on my connection and holding the mouse button down and dragging a line to the pc then opens up a set of boxes ie wep..Network Password...this is where you guys may say...GOT IT...I am hoping so too...thanks for now

  birdface 21:45 07 Mar 2010

Maybe try msconfig just in case your wireless key has been unticked somehow on the start up programs.
Or try services and make sure Wlan is set to automatic.

  Woolwell 22:03 07 Mar 2010

I've never used Configfree but have you seen this site click here?
Dragging a line doesn't sound right.

  Gaz4545 22:45 07 Mar 2010

Hi thx 4 the comments. Used msconfig and selected wireless for startup...still the same went to services and found Wireless Zero config for 802.11 adapter and that was ok thx. I see on the right hand taskbar that there are two icons of which says wireless connections found, however when I click on that a box appears and says click on wireless network..but does not display any and says no wireless networks found?!! That is on the wireless connection2 tab. Thanks for the advice on Configfree I will check that tomorrow as it is soon...appreciate your thoughts..keep them flowing...cheers for now

  Gaz4545 17:47 08 Mar 2010

still struggling here :-(

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