Toshiba TV sound.

  rdave13 17:19 13 Jun 2014

Bought a Toshiba 40D3453DB Smart 40" LED TV, and picture quality is excellent. The sound is not so. Found an old pair of Packard Bell PC speakers (stored for many years in the loft) powered with an inbuilt amp. Connected these to the headphone jack on the TV and they work well.

My question is, is this set-up ok for the TV and speakers or can it possibly create some damage later on?

Thanks for any replies.

  Ian in Northampton 17:49 13 Jun 2014

It absolutely shouldn't be a problem for either TV or speakers.

  rdave13 18:02 13 Jun 2014

Thank you for your prompt advice Ian in Northampton. Much appreciated. As you can gather my knowledge of circuitry and power sources in nothing :(

  bumpkin 21:40 13 Jun 2014

I did something very similar with one of my TVs and had the same concerns as you but still working fine 2yrs on with no problems and much better sound quality so I don't think that you will have any troubles. I think that if it is going to do any damage i.e. mismatch it will happen as soon as you connect it in my experience.

  collins_1991 21:55 29 Jul 2014

I am looking to get the Toshiba 40L3451DB TV, just wondering if it has the Skype app and is compatible to use a web cam.


  rdave13 18:38 30 Jul 2014

collins_1991 , if it helps, there is no Skype app or webcam input on my TV. Your model is different to mine. Best email the seller.

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