Toshiba Satellite S70-True Image 2013 recovery disc not seen

  VIXENIGHT75 22:43 30 Oct 2013

Hi Folks Have new Toshiba Sat S 70 Laptop U/graded to Windows 8.1 Okay Have Acronis True Image 2013 installed and Comp backed up to Ext USB Problem is that the DVD drive does not see the T Image Recovery Disc when inserted Just gives blank screen after Toshiba Logo The Recovery Disc works on my Desktop okay so it is correct I have Disabled Dvd lock and set Boot to DVD first in the Bios but get the same result Question is how can I do a Restore from External USB if the recovery disc will not work ? Any help or advice will be appreciated The same thing happens with Paragon Backup and Recovery Free 2013 version The DVD drive just sails past its recovery disc and goes into Windows Vixenight 75

  rdave13 04:40 31 Oct 2013

At a guess you would need to set the BIOS to boot from USB which the drive is connected to.

  mole1944 06:49 31 Oct 2013

I to use acronis with me I clone the disc I also made a recovery disc for mine and a friends Tosiba laptop, I have used this method with and it works a treat as my friend gets her laptop in a pickle on a regular basis so cloneing everything back is a cuppa and a 20 minute wait for it to finish, this saves me stress and hours of work reinstalling everything, sometimes wonder though why I do free it for friends I suppose I#m good hearted

  VIXENIGHT75 10:08 31 Oct 2013

rdave and mole1944 Thanks for your replies I will try the USB Bios setting to see if it works The laptop manual mentions this for a Recovery of the Operating system but if I did that I would lose my 8.1 update as it would go back to windows 8 The clone disc idea sounds valid I have used TrueImage since version 9 and it has always worked Ok I have had Computers for many years and have never come across this problem before vixenight77

  rdave13 20:24 31 Oct 2013

Wrong end of the stick here for me. Apologies as I thought the Optical drive was USB external. If you have the external hdd connected to usb, bios set to DVD, insert the DVD then reboot, then the laptop should boot to the Acronis recovery disc. Try making the boot option list with USB second and harddrive last and save.

  Simsy 22:14 31 Oct 2013

This won't help you, but...

About three years ago I had a Tosh Satellite lappy.

It, too, refused to boot up from the acronis boot disc. It would see the disc, and attempt to boot from it... but it just would have it. I tried more than one boot disc to no avail. I tried making and using the "secure recovery zone", so it wouldn't need to boot from optical drive. This was also no go.

The only way I could get acronis to run was from within windows... so useless as a system drive recovery tool in this instance. I did get a full refund from Acronis.

My research at the time found there were others with a similar problem. The theory, as I recall, and this was not proved, was that it was some kind of issue with the drivers used by Toshiba for the sata drives.

Whether this was true or not didn't really matter.

Unlike you however, I was able to get Paragon to boot sucessefully from recovery disc, so just used that onthat laptop.

Good luck!



  woodchip 23:17 31 Oct 2013

Try tapping F8 when PC is booting, it may give the option to run Acronis in the list or to run the Acronis CD

  VIXENIGHT75 16:20 03 Nov 2013

Hi Folks Thank you all for your input and advice There are problems with Acronis True Image 2013 on their Forums particularly with Recovery Discs and other areas After advice from Toshiba Forum members I have resolved this problem For anyone else with similar problems this is what I did 1. Go into the BIOS (F2 on my Laptop) 2. Disable Secure Boot 3. In Config change EFSI to CMS 4 Insert Acronis Recovery Disc (also works with Paragon 2013 Free Backup) 5 Restart using Start button or contrl/alt/delete You should then get Recovery Disc screen and be able to Backup or Restore any Backups 6. When I exited to Windows I got a flashing cursor So then I reversed the BIOS settings to their default settings and restarted and Windows loaded I hope this helps anyone and thank you all once again VIXENIGHT75

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