Toshiba Satellite running very slow

  cadoc 10:44 26 Feb 2015

Toshiba Satellite.

Intel Celeron CPU [email protected] Ghz 2.29GHz.

Installed Mamory (RAM) 1.0 Gb

64 bit operating system.

Windows & Home Premium - Service Pack 1.

There's a problem on my daughter’s Toshiba Satellite laptop that she bought around 3 years ago.

She only uses it for doing her student work and simple browsing. It’s running extremely slow – almost as if some memory-hogging programme is running in the background.

It’s all up to date, as in ‘Windows Update-wise’.

I’ve carried out a virus check – (Avast) – everything alright there.

I’ve used MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware to check for malware and everything’s OK there as well.

I’ve gone into msconfig and unticked virtually everything from the start-up list.

I’ve run a defrag as well and there’s plenty of memory left on the C drive but the laptop’s still very slow.

Can you tell me how I can improve the machine's performance (and if relevant, how much roughly would this cost please ?)


  SparkyJack 11:36 26 Feb 2015

Download/install Ccleaner FREE version

Run analysinss then clean.

Do the same under the registry ran

F this not been done before,it can take a while.

have patience let it all happen.

  cadoc 11:53 26 Feb 2015

CCleaner was downloaded and used once a week from day one of the laptop being bought.

What do you mean when you say "Do the same under the registry ran" ?

  Secret-Squirrel 11:55 26 Feb 2015

Cadoc, if you'd like to try some simple troubleshooting to identify the cause then read on:

Make sure that all the programs your daughter normally uses at the same time are all open. Go to Task Manager (by right-clicking on the Task Bar at the bottom) then click the "Performance" tab. Look at the "Memory" bar graph on the left - is it at, or close to maximum? I'm guessing it is because 1GB of installed RAM was never enough for Vista. To check what's using the most memory, click the "Proceses" tab, click on "Show processes for all users", then click on the "Memory" column-heading to sort the entries so that the most hungry are at the top. Let me know what the top four are.

Likewise, an overactive process can cause performance issues so click the "CPU" column-heading and if there's anything over active then post back its name. Ignore "System Idle Process" as that's the opposite of busy.

At this early stage I'm anticipating recommending a RAM upgrade which should dramatically improve performance but let's see first what you discover.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:56 27 Feb 2015

Did you want your problem fixed or were you just having a moan?

  bumpkin 21:15 27 Feb 2015

SS, they have probably fixed it anyway so why bother to reply. I consider it rude myself but happens frequently.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:12 28 Feb 2015

Hi Bumpkin

Take this other thread from yesterday where the chap had a serious computer problem and said "please help me guys" twice. I asked for some more information and he never returned. I checked whether he'd posted the same thread elsewhere and he hadn't. You're right when you say it happens frequently and it's puzzling and very frustrating but I suspect that some folks think that computer problems are always easy to diagnose and fix and they can't be arsed to spend a few minutes providing some more info.

  cadoc 17:20 28 Feb 2015

Thanks for the replies - and yes, the answer was a RAM upgrade.

She's now got a total of 5Mb of RAM installed, (cost £40), and the laptop has perked up no end !......and cheaper than buying a new laptop !

  Secret-Squirrel 09:22 01 Mar 2015

A (much cheaper) 2GB upgrade would have been more than adequate for your daughter's modest usage. Thanks for getting back in touch though.

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