toshiba satellite pro 4600 network cards

  01chris 22:04 20 Apr 2005

i have a pc with broadband which is sharing the connection with my toshiba satellite pro 4600 laptop (via a direct connection ,patch cable). this laptop has a normal network card and a wireless network card. i also have a fujitsu siemens Amilo Pro V7010 with a wireless network card. if the toshiba is connected to the pc is there a way i can keep the toshiba connected to the pc and use the internet on the fujitsu wirelessly (through the toshiba). (the toshiba will only let me use the wireless card or the wired card (not both at the same time) is there a way i can get round this

  RealDopey 23:27 20 Apr 2005

What type of modem have you got,USB or RJ45? Or have you got a router? Ideally, to save yourself a lot of time and for performance you should consider a wireless router.

  01chris 07:39 21 Apr 2005

have a usb modem and i wat to try and avoid a router if possible

  TomJerry 11:45 21 Apr 2005

it may not be possible to set up another peer to peer network between tosh and fujitsu

you could try, but I doubt it will work

maybe you have to use a router

this look interesting £50 click here

or combination of this £35 click here with this £34.88 click here

  mgmcc 19:44 21 Apr 2005

<< have a usb modem and i wat to try and avoid a router if possible >>

You could connect a network hub/switch to the desktop PC's network adapter and plug the Toshiba laptop into one of the hub/switch ports. Into a second port, plug a Wireless Access Point which will let the second laptop connect wirelessly. (The second laptop could also connect by ethernet cable if it has a "wired" network adapter installed.)

The desktop PC still connects to the internet with "Internet Connection Sharing" enabled and it will allocate LAN IP addresses by DHCP to the two laptops.

This will work without having to install a router, although I believe a router is still the better solution.

  mgmcc 19:49 21 Apr 2005

I should have said that you cannot "daisy chain" your internet connection from Desktop > Laptop1 > Laptop2 because you would have to enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on two PCs, which in turn would configure two "host" PC network adapters with the same IP address of Two PCs in the same network cannot have the same IP address.

Both laptops have to get their internet access from the same ICS "host" - your desktop PC.

  01chris 20:39 21 Apr 2005

everyone i see using my current arangement it cant be done

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