toshiba satellite p20 graphics upgrade

  John Watling 21:25 01 Oct 2004

i am looking to buy the toshiba satellite p20-521 which comes with a nvidia gforce go 5600 64mb graphics card. I was wondering if i could upgrade the card in the future or if i would have to buy a whole new laptop.

  TomJerry 21:35 01 Oct 2004

Laptop's graphics cards are not normally upgradable because they are integrated part of motherboard.

Some laptops use mini version of separate graphics cards which are "upgradable" technically, but they are not upgradable in practice because you cannot find any supplier to sell directly to Joe public.

  John Watling 13:40 02 Oct 2004

will the card included be good enough to play doom3 half life 2 etc and some future releases

  TomJerry 17:51 02 Oct 2004

For example Dell Inspiron 9100 (Brand NEW! ATI MOBILITY RADEON (tm) 9800 graphics technology available on Inspiron 9100) click here

Eversham and Rock also make great game laptops.

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