Toshiba Satellite L755

  Sandyums 22:48 11 Dec 2011

My Laptop is only 4 months old, but the follow keys are not working.? Z and arrows keys. Know its still under warranty. just wondered if anyone else had same problems thereby strengthing my case.

  northumbria61 23:07 11 Dec 2011

Check the language setting (Regional & Language) in the windows Control panel. It’s possible some configuration setting has changed and you now have, for example a Chinese keyboard set. Chinese keyboard are AZERJE instead of QWERT.

  northumbria61 23:18 11 Dec 2011

There is a program for download called SHARPKEYS 3.0 which is a registry hack for remapping keys if you want to give it a try enter link description here I have never used it so can't advise but if you decide to use it I would advise you either create a restore point before installing or backup the registry.

First try pressing the fn key + Num Lock key together.

  mooly 08:25 12 Dec 2011

If you are 100% sure that there has not been any spillage etc and if the above replies don't help then all you can do is try a "factory restore" but back up your data first. A factory restore puts it all back to as new condition. If it's still faulty then you have a hardware issue and need to claim under warranty.

  T0SH 14:21 12 Dec 2011

It is not uncommon for laptop keyboards to fail, the very worst for this to happen with in my experience were the Sony Vaio K series, but it happens to them all, which is probably not all that surprising since there are only 3 large and a few more very much smaller, mostly Taiwanese laptop builders, who manufacture in mainland China, and all of which buy component parts from common component sources

Laptop keyboard replacement is very easily done it normally involves un-clipping the hinge bezel at the back of the keyboard then removing 2 or three small securing screws tilting the keyboard forward and release the clamp securing the ribbon cable connection to the mother board connector then reversing this process to fit a new one

Most of the larger brands have downloadable service manuals to guide you through this process

Cheers HC

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