Toshiba Satellite L750D laptop Password unknown.

  sydsnott 22:45 18 May 2018

I've just been given the above machine which was left behind in a flat that I rented out.

It has a Win7 COA sticker on the base, but when booting up, the first screen is blue with a "Four Square" window logo similar to that of W10 but without the "Smoke" the circle of dots appears at the bottom whilst it is loading and when complete, I have an Autumn scene also like W10.

tapping the touchpad and the screen lifts like a blind revealing what is identical to W10 Log in screen, so because I don't know the correct password, I'm unable to log in.

My feeling is that it has been upgraded to W10.

Entering a random string of digits, I'm told the password is wrong, clicking "OK" I'm told to try again after inserting a USB drive.

Naively, I stuck in one of mine with space on it, not knowing what it was needed for!

...It seems it wanted some kind of "reset disc" as it told me it wasn't present!

how do I get in?

I've even tried booting with a Linux Mint Live USB inserted but it looks as if I would need to access the BIOS settings as the USB is currently ignored.

I thought I might be able to gain access to the HDD via Linux.

Help! ...please :)

  sydsnott 01:05 19 May 2018

Thanks Dave, the more I search on t'internet, the more certain I am that it has been up'd to W10.

I too found the data sheet for it which is your first link, the Red AMD chipped one.

Never had an AMD machine before. I managed to get into BIOS and noted that "Legacy emulation is enabled", and I changed boot order from HDD first to USB First. Didn't notice if DVD was 2nd or 3rd, anyhow, the bu**er still ignored the Bootable Linux Mint Stick That I had tried to boot from!

I was hoping that I could at least have a root around in the Sys32 folder to see if I could find a note of the log in details!

Don't know what the heck I expected to find, but it looks like I'm not going to get the chance!

Thanks for helping, I'll keep on digging! :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:35 19 May 2018

Make the USB or DVD boot media - Enter BIOS on the laptop and switch to "Legacy" boot otherwise it will continue to try to boot windows from the hard drive.

save and exit - boot with the media in the drive and follow the prompts to do a clean install of windows.

  sydsnott 22:59 19 May 2018

Hi Fruitbat and Rdave13, been working on it all today, ...well, not much on telly was there!

Took the HDD out but couldn't find a suitable adapter (all mine are IDE) what's that I hear you say!

Tried Linux live DVD several times having re-ordered the boot menu to USB/DVD/HDD and as noted "Legacy Emulation" is enabled which I thought was same as plain old "Legacy"!

No Luck with DVD, I could hear it flicking back and to, but nothing was being "read". resorted back to USB and finally got lucky with that, I think the drive I used is a bit slack in the socket and sometimes wasn't being recognised.

Managed to change the local password and open sesame!

Turns out it's been upgraded to Windows 10 Pro!

Happy bunny! Now I just need to sort out the Microsoft Account.

anyone know if I can just open a new MS account especially to use for this machine?I want to keep it separate from the two W10 Machines I already have running from my main MS email account.


  sydsnott 22:32 23 May 2018

Thanks for that tip Dave, I've never had more than my own account on any PC (Sad old Git!) having followed the instructions, I'm finding that I'm warned that someone else is also logged in (creepy!) and if I shut down, they might lose work! OK, so I then tried to "log out" with the same result! Guess that's another of them thar "features"!

Microsoft is now regularly peckin' me 'ed about the previous owner's MS email account details being out of date, and also his Gmail account details.

I've been toying with the idea of doing a Clean Install, and decided to squirrel away the drivers for this machine in the event that I do.

That's where I hit a problem:

On the Data sheet: Satellite L750D-14R there is a Red "Find Out More" link to the driver page! Great I thought, ...but that model is conspicuously absent from the Dropdown List.

I have no idea what to do next!

All I can say is that the machine seems to be performing OK, so it has "all it's chairs at home" as they say here abouts. I suspect that the Disk Drive might be Goosed but I can live with that as long as USB still works!

The only irksome fault which seems to be a Toshiba "Feature" is that the Sound gives up after about a minute and during that minute it is so quiet that I find myself holding my breath whilst listening!! I've not yet found a way to get it back short of rebooting, Googling shows it's rife. I suspect the driver myself, but what do I know!

I noticed that Linux Mint which I used to re write the account password, also couldn't produce sound. Looking at the data sheet, the sound system specs look tasty but might be a bit niche for Linux!

Any ideas where to find the list of drivers and where to find 'em? Regards.

Any help appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:08 24 May 2018

Visit the Toshiba EU driver page.

Choose Notebook – Satellite – Satellite L – Satellite L750D – PSK4YE

  sydsnott 17:48 25 May 2018

Hi Fruitbat, sorry for delay, notifications have stopped!

Can you link me to the page you advise since I've tried several sources, some are country specific, some just don't list this model and I keep getting redirected to that blessed robot woman and her awful synthetic speech!

  sydsnott 18:23 25 May 2018

Thought this is was my "Eurika" moment, found This site which I've never heard of before, but there are quite a few driver links.

Sadly each and every one comes back "Not Found". :(

Any Ideas??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:38 25 May 2018

if its working OK why nt just backup the drivers click here

  sydsnott 22:35 25 May 2018

Thanks guys,

I've no experience with backing up drivers, I've been told that many of these utilities cannot be relied upon not to corrupt the copies made, or to miss some files rendering the results useless.

That aside, I would not have a clue if restoring, which ones were needed.

Might some be Tosh. specific to software that was originally installed for W 7?

Is there an order in which to install them? Nightmare!

I'm just hoping that I can convert the "Local Admin Account" that Dave advised me to do, to an MS Account, ...if I can figure out how to create a separate email account that MS doesn't trace back to my own main account and automatically link them as I don't want this machine to communicate with my original two!

If I can do that, I can then create another Local Admin Account for emergency access!

To give myself some "insurance", I think I'll try harvesting the drivers with both your recommended utilities.

Hopefully, none of this will be necessary as long as it doesn't just collapse like a game of Jenga when I "pull" the original Owner's account!

  sydsnott 22:46 25 May 2018

Just looking at that "DevID" web page again, I have noticed there is an Icon in the address bar at the right, seems something (I suspect MBAM) was blocking some content.

Only the damned links to the driver pages!!

I Can't say that makes life any less difficult though, 'cos each linked page has around 25 different drivers to pick from!

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