Toshiba Satellite A100 RAM upgrade problems

  shorty40 10:44 07 Apr 2013

I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-259 laptop and I want to upgrade the RAM from 1gb to 2gb, which is supported by this laptop. Problem is the laptop will not boot up after I have installed the new RAM, instead it starts up for a few seconds and turns off again, it then repeats this process about 5 - 6 times before switching off totally. I initially thought the RAM wasn't compatible but when I put one of the new 1gb RAM modules in with one of the original 512mb modules the laptop boots up fine and shows 1.37gb of RAM available (I presume remainder of RAM is used for graphics). I can change the 1gb module with the other 1gb module and laptop still boots fine, proving that the new 1gb RAM modules work in this laptop independently, they will just not work together. Bios has been updated, so I have absolutely no idea why the new RAM will not allow my laptop to boot up. Any ideas and / or solutions to this would be greatly appreciated.

  jaywoo 16:49 07 Apr 2013

Sounds like a speed mismatch. can you give the full specs of the new memory - where did you get it? I have a Tosh A100 with 2GB RAM and never had any problems upgrading.

  jaywoo 16:49 07 Apr 2013

Another factor is RAM density - how many chips on each side of the modules?

  jaywoo 17:02 07 Apr 2013

The manual specifically states PC4200 RAM chips, unusual for it to be incompatible with faster chips but it appears the putting one of the original chips in satisfies the speed requirements.

  shorty40 17:56 07 Apr 2013

Thanks for the response jaywoo. Sounds like you are correct with the speed mismatch thing. The seller sent me wrong RAM modules as the ones supplied to me are PC2-5300S modules. For your info they have 8 chips on either side, but as they are wrong anyway, no need to progress any further. Cheers again for the help, I wouldn't have known otherwise, and been scratching my head for the next few weeks wondering what the problem is.

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