Toshiba Satelitte Pro Power Problem

  Wirral Bagpuss 23:20 24 Mar 2010

My laptop has busted. I think it is the ac jack for the power adapter has gone. I have ordered a new charger but i think it is the actual jack on the laptop that has gone. I know you can get it repaired, but how much is that likely to cost? I dont want to be ripped off !!

  MAJ 07:16 25 Mar 2010

Around about £60 - £80.

  Wirral Bagpuss 07:41 25 Mar 2010

ahhh thanks ! I tried a new charger last night on it and it does charge but only if i fiddle with it, so after a bit of online research i realised it is the ac jack adapter plug itself that has gone. Most annoying as i have stuff on my laptop i urgently need access to. My laptop is two years old and i am hightly tempted to get a new laptop and transfer everything on my current one to my new one, which would have bigger specs etc. Hmmmm will think about that today. Thanks once again :)

  MAJ 08:02 25 Mar 2010

My estimate included what I thought a new power socket, removal of old power socket and fitting the new power socket would cost. I did repair one recently were only the plastic locating/retaining slot on the power socket had broken, the socket itself was okay, £20 in that case.

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