Toshiba or HP laptop Advice

  SURVEY 17:58 28 Nov 2011

I have narrowed a choice of laptop down to a Toshiba L750 or an HP Pavilion DV6. Only differences are an extra 1GB of Video RAM on the Toshiba, a fingerprint reader on the HP (no deal breaker for me) and an extra USB 3 port on the HP. RAM and HD size are the same. I had almost decided upon the Toshiba as these were always used in the commercial client offices I used to visit but just recently someone suggested I seriously consider the HP as their build quality has apparently now improved. Can anyone offer any advice please, as this forum has always been most useful to me in the past?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:26 28 Nov 2011

I'm still running a couple of 10 year old HPs

my nieces have both broken their 3 year old Toshibas (I have repaired both).

but this is more likely due to the age of the user (50s v teens) than the quality of the machines :0)

Both good makes, go for whichever one you feel the most comfortable with.

  SURVEY 20:41 29 Nov 2011

Should I be concerned that some laptop keyboards move up & down when the keys are depressed?

  SURVEY 19:30 30 Nov 2011

Also now I wonder about a Dell XPS. Anyone any comments on this, particularly the quality of the keyboards

  john bunyan 21:05 30 Nov 2011

See here for earlier thread,. My rerpair shop favours Toshiba. HP stopped making laptops, Dell less reliable IMHO.

  SURVEY 22:45 30 Nov 2011

john bunyan - good advice. Thanks.

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