toshiba m200 laptop wont load past toshiba screen.

  masterf 07:44 06 Jul 2009

hi guys
what could ido my laptop is not loading past the toshiba screen.could i wipe the computer completely and reinstall windows xp ??

  johnnyrocker 20:07 06 Jul 2009

how were you going to reinstall xp then?


  masterf 20:07 06 Jul 2009

i dno i trying to find a solution

  cream. 20:08 06 Jul 2009

were you going to :-

could i wipe the computer completely and reinstall windows xp ??

Has it got a recovery partition?

  masterf 20:09 06 Jul 2009

no it has nothing i was asking of a way to do

  cream. 20:09 06 Jul 2009

cross posted :-)

  johnnyrocker 20:09 06 Jul 2009

wind up?


  masterf 20:10 06 Jul 2009

wind up ??
what you mean

  cream. 20:10 06 Jul 2009

If you have the microsoft 25 digit code, COA,
borrow a disk of a friend.

  cream. 20:12 06 Jul 2009


  masterf 20:12 06 Jul 2009

i dont have the 25 digit code mate :(

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