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  SURVEY 17:07 19 Nov 2011

I am intending to buy a new laptop. My present one is a Dell Inspiron. I am also getting rid of my Mesh Desktop as I fear the hard disk is failing so my new laptop will replace both. Would have liked another Dell but the keyboards on the latest Dells seem to be on a flaoting membrane that looks and feels really cheap, unlike the positive click on my Inspiron. So I have turned my attention to a Toshiba Satelliet - either a 15.6" or a 17". All the Toshibas come with a numeric keypad which is great although I wonder fif teh trade-off is smaller QWERTY keys. Has anyone experience of Toshiba keyboards with the numeric pad? If I went for the 17" screen, are the keys that much larger?

  john bunyan 17:19 19 Nov 2011

I have a Toshiba Satellite 15.5 in and also ny granddaughter has one. Both have 500 gig HD, 4 gig RAM, 5i processor. Very good and reliable. My local repair shop reccomended Toshiba and Asus as easy to get parts for etc. I think the 15.5 in screen is a good compromise between portatbility and clarity. I use a desktop for photo work, however. Bought one at John Lewis and the other (pink!!) at PC World. I did resize the partitions on purchase to 100 Gig system, balance (except recovery partition) as data, as it came with a 50/60 split in partition.(W7,64bit). My wife uses the touchpad; I prefer a mouse.Keyboard OK.

  john bunyan 17:24 19 Nov 2011
  SURVEY 17:27 19 Nov 2011

john bunyan - thanks for your useful posting. How does the QWERTY keyboard compare with a 'normal' desktop keyboard? Are the keys of adequate size and feel for touch typing do you think? I have read one or two comments about the touchpad as being not very good, although that may have been on an earlier model. Also wifi card - it has an 'n' rated card but soem have mentioned that the wifi raech is not brilliant - have you f0ound this a problem?

  SURVEY 17:36 19 Nov 2011

john bunyan - checked your link and had already seen this. I was going for the L750-1E8 (same as yours except for 500GB drive)although I may up this to 640GB! What is the screen like against bright light - legible? How much of the pre-loaded software can be removed without compromising usefulness - or did you keep it all? I would certainly get rid of the McAfee in favour of my usual Avast etc. I believe the Windows 7 Defender is OK and there is no need for another firewall?

  john bunyan 19:47 19 Nov 2011

SURVEY Screen ok; shiny surface so usual reflections etc. Regret I am a two fingered typist but my 16 year old granddaughter is very speedy touchtyping on hers. I do not much of use the pre loaded stuff. I use (Free) Avira anti virus, Superantispyware, Malawarebytes as malware scanners, Spywareblaster as malware blocker. I was using PCTools as firewall on all machines but a new version would not install on my desktop so am now using the Windows one - no problems. I actually nave not bothered to delete McAfee but have disabled it. I use Acronis True Image to make images to an external HD, as I am more used to it than the W7 backup version. All my data has been moved to the data drive (mine is called F:) and I have grouped it as in the XP form - ie My Documents with sub folders for My Pictures etc. I then run Freefilesynch or Synchtoy to make frequnt mirror images of data to a portable USB HD (quicker than ATI. Re Wi fi. I get an "excellent" sigal from a Belkin Share 300 router sited upstairs when laptop is downstairs in a small sitting room - my house is strongly built with soild partition walls.I did get help with the re partitioning due to the complication of the hidden recovery one. Re touchpad, my wife and granddaughter like it, but I have never liked thn on any machine so always use a mouse- photo editing etc using Photoshop. Why not try one at John Lewis if you are near a store? Good luck!!

  chub_tor 20:54 19 Nov 2011

I have owned a Toshiba 17" Satellite P100 for several years now and it has been trouble free. No problems for me or my wife in touch typing on it and in fact we switch regularly between a full size desktop keyboard and the Toshiba with no problem. We both use the touch-pad, again without a problem but we do find that our display does need some shade or it washes out - that may be a brightness setting of course.

When we first bought it I removed Norton and some other programmes I did not plan to use but I kept Tempro which alerts you to new drivers and other updates.

All in all it was a good buy and if I were to look for a new laptop I would certainly go for Toshiba again.

  Ventad 17:59 20 Nov 2011

I have a TOSHIBA L500-19Z got rid of all stuff did not want, loaded MSE Security works a treat with 4GB RAM starts up quick kept Tempro etc. good machine

  SURVEY 10:05 21 Nov 2011

Thank you all very much indeed for your helpful advice.

  SURVEY 19:44 21 Nov 2011

An Update. Played with a Toshiba 15" and 17" laptop in John Lewis. Keyboards are identical in size so for me the more compact 15" laptop is what I intend to go with.

  john bunyan 21:02 21 Nov 2011

Good luck. I bought one there as they offered a free 2 year guarantee vs 1 year elsewhere.

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