Toshiba laptop trackpad disabled

  jockm 13:04 15 Jun 2006

Good day.
Tinkering with the trackpad settings in the control panel of Toshiba Satellite laptop, I managed to click DISABLE the trackpad. Now I cant re-enable it (I have no external mouse) and as a result I have an effectively dead machine.
What do I need to do now? Thanks for help!

  rmcqua 13:05 15 Jun 2006

Boot up whilst hitting F8, go into safe mode and that should enable your trackpad (hopefully!)

  jockm 14:03 15 Jun 2006

Thanks. I was able to get into safe mode with command prompt. The trackpad is still disabled. I can get into my user account using the UP, DOWN and ENTER keys. Then I was able (not quite sure how) to get to Control Panel/mouse settings. From there I can get to Disable/Enable. And, now using the tab key I can move between Disable, OK, and Cancel, but *not* enable. I cant highlight the enable button. Have tried various combinations of keys, but so far cant figure out how to "enable".
Further suggestions very welcome.

  Taff™ 14:30 15 Jun 2006

When you have "disable" selected hit the Enter key!

  Graham ® 14:31 15 Jun 2006

Laptops usually have a Fn key, which in combination with one other will enable the trackpad.

  Graham ® 14:41 15 Jun 2006

Try Fn+F9

  David4637 14:57 15 Jun 2006

Tried FN+F9 on my Tosh Lap and it toggles the track pad on/off - it works. David

  jockm 15:32 15 Jun 2006

That did it! Fn + F9. Many many thanks to all.

  jockm 15:38 15 Jun 2006

P.S. Why was I in the Mouse control panel in the first place? Well, I wanted to turn off the dbl tapping of the trackpad function, because it seems to operate even when my finger is just ABOVE the pad. Which is highly irritating. So if anybody can tell me how I can turn off just that function, I would be very grateful. I'm not going back into the control panel unless I know what I am doing LOL

  Taff™ 08:05 16 Jun 2006

I don`t think you can turn it off but try altering the double click speed - slow it down effectively.

  jockm 10:30 16 Jun 2006

Thanks Taff. I've tinkered with the double click speed and got the pad slightly less sensitive. Apparently, that is the best that can be done, short of knowing how to alter the control panel code directly.

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