Toshiba Laptop Slow Boot -

  Chris Wilmore 23:28 06 Apr 2017

Have a Toshiba laptop which may have an issue,

majority of the time, the boot time is over 2.5 minutes, it stays on the 'toshiba loading' screen before it gets in to Windows. Just before it loads into windows, at the bottom it says something about a HD scan and repair, but why would it do it nearly every time I turn my laptop on?

on rare occasions, I turn it on and it takes about 35 seconds to get into windows. Can anyone offer any advice? Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:01 07 Apr 2017

Op system?

It looks like it has a disk scan scheduled at boot.

  Chris Wilmore 16:23 07 Apr 2017

It's Windows 10 - I've checked scheduled tasks and there isn't any scan there. I've turn my laptop on this morning and it came straight on about 30 seconds, but no doubt it won't last.

  Rint 17:19 07 Apr 2017

oh... i got the same problem

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