Toshiba laptop rebooting problem

  nilefish 18:27 11 Jul 2011

Hi there I managed to reset my Toshiba Harman/Kardon to the factory reseting using F8 , I intsalled SP1 manually to the laptop but it's not rebooting , I can only access F2 and F12 and that did not help. I have no recovery CD what can I do? Please help

  johndrew 11:52 12 Jul 2011

You will need the drivers. Have a look here link text. The details you need to fill into the boxes should be on the lower surface of your laptop.

  chub_tor 12:45 12 Jul 2011

Harman/Kardon is the speaker system for your Toshiba. As johndrew says you can find the model and the model number underneath. If you post that and your OS ( I am presuming Windows 7 from what you said about SP1) we may be able to suggest a way around your boot problem.

  nilefish 17:50 14 Jul 2011

Thanks for the reply,

The model is Satellite P300-13B PSPC4E-00U00CN5 OS window Vista


  chub_tor 20:48 14 Jul 2011

Ok so what does happen when you boot? Does the system go through a boot up sequence, does it freeze, beep, re-start? If you get F2 to continue that usually means the BIOS has defaulted and wants you to go into the BIOS to re-set it. And if you are also getting a F12 request then in Vista this is to change the boot up sequence for that particular boot. So it is beginning to sound as if your laptop is trying to boot not from the hard disk but from either a CD, USB or a network device. Go into the BIOS and make sure that it is set to boot from the Hard Drive.

I know you use F8 for the factory restore on your model but if you keep tapping F8 as you boot up you should get the option to boot into Safe Mode. Can you do that?

  nilefish 17:56 15 Jul 2011

Hello Chub_tor

Thanks for the reply,

When I hit the F8 I get only the beebibg sound F2 the setup u comes and I changed to to booting from a CD- I bought a recovery disk- or from HD 1 and HD 2 but it wont boot,. F12 gives me the booting option but again nothing , in all situation the screen turn grey -and stayes like that. I tried Windows 7 ultimate disk but same thing, I dont want to buy an expensive OS if the laptop cant boot any help appreciated,

  nilefish 18:12 15 Jul 2011

Thanks to Johndrew I tried to burn the file to a disc .. but the laptop is not booting at all

  chub_tor 18:16 15 Jul 2011

Have you tried tapping Delete to get into the BIOS? If so does the Day/Date/Time look right? Is the Hard drive recognised OK? Is it set to boot from the Hard Drive? Can you get the BIOS to re-set to Default? Any error messages when the screen turns grey? Any writing on the screen when it is grey?

  nilefish 18:41 15 Jul 2011

the date and time are right, when tapping delete or F2 it goes into BIOS , I tried top boot form the hard drive and I reset it to default but nothing is weorking ..there is no writing in the greay screen and no error message

  nilefish 18:46 15 Jul 2011

Soory the date is right but the time is wrong , it's shoes 11:00 am and it's 6pm

  woodchip 21:27 15 Jul 2011

Then you need to change it in the BIOS settings at boot up, press the key for Setup as its booting

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