Toshiba laptop query

  bowman 13:05 27 Jan 2003

I've just purchased a Toshiba Satellite 1100 laptop with Windows XP Home Edition pre-installed.

This will be my first real contact with a laptop and Win XP, so I'm on a small learning curve. I thought I would dive in and see what XP has to offer? While looking in Device manager I noticed that I had three default monitors installed. My eyesight is not to bad, but even I could tell this was not quite true.

So I decided to remove two of the monitors and re-boot, on returing to Device manager there were again three monitors showing. The query is therefore 'why' are there three monitors showing? I now 'If it aint broke don't fix it' but this is a question of curiosity rather than a fix it question.

The laptop works great and I'm more than happy with it but, curiosity has got the better of me. I know I could contact the supplier but I thought this forum would be the best first port of call.

Hope you can help.........

This may seem a trival question to some people, but it takes allsorts to make a world and where would we all be if we did not ask questions.

Thank you all for reading this post and any help you can give........bowman

  DieSse 13:10 27 Jan 2003

What are the three listed monitors?

Laptops can often have a regular monitor plugged in - perhaps this is one of them?

  bowman 13:23 27 Jan 2003

Thanks for the quick reply, the three monitors are listed as 'Default' there is a option to connect to a seperate monitor on the back of the laptop. I did think this may be the reason, but then why would I have 'three'

  bowman 20:17 28 Jan 2003

Well I have found the answer to my little question, and it is that the graphics card in the laptop is capable of displaying on three different types of screen: 1.Television 2. Digital LCD 3.CRT Monitor.

Going by the website the ATI Mobile Radeon installs default settings for the three monitors, allowing you to watch a DVD on the TV and work on the laptop simultaneously or play powerpoint presentaions on a crt monitor.

Thats the basic explanation anyway and thinking about it makes sense....

On closer examination I found the S-Video socket, giving me the three types of monitors. Well I've learnt two things, and the second lesson is to do more research on the individual components of the pc/laptop before buying. Not that I wasn't happy with what I bought, in a way I've gained.

Just to say 'thank you' to all who read this thread but a big 'thanks' to DieSse for his reply....

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